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Camden People's Theatre, October 17th-October 28th


Writer and composer: Uri Agnon

Director: Emma Jude Harris

Producer: Jessie Anand 

Musical Director: David Merriman

Video Design: Adam Lenson 

Lighting Design: Amy Daniels

Movement Consultant: Adi Gortler

Designer: Cory Shipp

Production Manager: Andreas Ayling

Sound Engineer: Becks Cleworth

Stage manager: Zoë Mackinnon


Protagonist: Maya Kristal Tenenbaum

Narrator 1: Amy Parker

Narrator 2: Hannah Bristow

Tweet Choir (pre-recorded): Peter Falconer

Voiceover (pre-recorded): Daniel Millar

Keys 1: David Merriman

Keys 2: Oli Rew

Supported by ACE, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, the Hinrichsen Foundation, the Parkes Institute, and JW3.

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